Homeschool Idea: World War II homeschool unit study

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Teaching your kids about World War II can be a difficult task.   It can be overwhelming to even know where to start.   Do you talk about the Pacific front or the European front first?   Discuss people such as Anne Frank and Navajo code talkers?    World War II is a vast subject that can be a challenge to contain.

To be honest, my family hasn't really covered World War II all that much.   We did get a chance to meet a Navajo Code Talker last November.   That was some real living history!   Overall though, we haven't given WWII the in-depth attention it deserves.   It's a topic we will cover, that's for sure.   It's just a topic that I wanted to explore when the kids were old enough to understand all of the political and geographical nuances that were at play back in the 1940s.

Having said that, I'm slowly gearing up for our unit on WWII by collecting books and researching possible unit study options.    Recently I reviewed a homeschool unit study that relied on "The Sound of Music" for studying World War II, so I'm really trying to keep my options open here.

One great online resource that I have found is World War II - The European Theater Unit Study by Homeschool Learning Network.   What I like about this resource is that it is short, but organized in a very efficient way.   It's easy to veer off onto too many rabbit trails and in the end just give up on the whole concept.   This download is only 15 pages long and includes a short summary of the European side of the war as well as seven lesson of research and discussion.   This unit study is very dependent on internet research and reading of books such as Diary of Anne Frank.    If your student needs more hands-on projects, you might need to add in additional assignments.    The European Theater Unit Study is available on for $3.50 as well as the companion guide, World War II in the Pacific.

So what World War II books and websites worked for you?
Any hands-on activity suggestions that are a must-do?

I did receive the download complimentary from in exchange for an honest review, but the opinion is all mine.

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